The program is available in a ready-to-run version and as a source version, through CVS.

Ready to run version

A ready to run version is available here. Its usage is very simple :

  • Download the ready-to-run version
  • Unzip it
  • Run the "" script to launch the application

Please note those instructions were tested on Linux, we'll try to provide proper instructions for other platforms as soon as possible. However, the java command in can be applied in a Windows environment.

If you want the whole information about the project, go there.

Source version

Right now, you'll have to stick with CVS to access it. Please note that you'll miss several of the JAR files. We didn't include them to avoid to use too much space. However, they are included in the ready-to-run version. So download it too and you'll have everything you need. We use Eclipse to write our program.

Please note that you'll need Ant and Java J2SDK 1.4.2 to compile.