Project Foundry is a tool to create and maintain information used during the development of software projects. It is oriented towards the high level management of the projects and aims to better integrate the usual tasks of management. In particular, one can keep track of :

  • Meetings minutes
  • Stakeholders
  • Requirements
  • Models of GUI
  • Work breakdown structure (Gantt chart scheduler)
  • A glossary so that important words are defined and used correctly all around the project

Right now, the tool can "inject" all those information in a OpenOffice Writer document so one can produce high quality documentation.

We think this approach has good chance of success because a lot of information used in the development of software is independant of the process one uses.

The current version is not production-ready. However, we greatly appreciate feedback (that's why we publish it afterall !).

We think GPL is good and this webspace is hosted by